Planning my #7daysAdalo challenge

I try out a few challenges in the Year 2020, and I learn a lot through those challenges. Although so far, I haven't done any in the Year 2021, I finally pick up some gut to start this #7daysAdalo challenge.

I m going to challenge myself starting tomorrow to build 7 Adalo components for the next seven days. All my components will sell for $7 during this challenge period at my Adalo component store.

While this might not be a good time to start, I have quite a few freelance works pending on my hands now, but there will never be a good time to start this. I preferably use this to keep myself focus on building for the next seven days.

I have a few ideas about what to build next, but if you have any "tiny scope" component that you need, feel free to ping me; maybe I can make it during these seven days.