Product Challenge 2023 cancelled

At the end of October, I was excited to begin my Product Challenge 2023 and had set some targets to achieve. I started working on my first chrome extension with FlutterFlow, and everything was going well until my main workstation crashed. With no other option, I had to switch to an old laptop, which was outdated and not powerful enough to support my development needs. It took ages to open Chrome and I kept seeing the spinning ball.

After three weeks, I finally got a new replacement machine, but I had so much freelance work piled up during the workstation downtime that I needed to clear. Also, I had travel plans for the last two weeks of December. After careful consideration, I realized that I couldn't complete my Product Challenge 2023. Therefore, I decided to cancel it. Although I am still trying my best to build the three products, I am no longer aiming to hit those milestones.