Product Weekend #2

I managed to have some free time last week; it will be another long weekend, so that I will have some time for myself from Saturday to Monday. That’s why I decided it was time for Product Weekend the second time.

Results of my Product Weekend include

🚀 build one thing with #nocode - I have created a few

  • I built a chrome plugin with FlutterFlow that solved my issue; I would like to create a link card on my Trello board with a click. I have done about 90% of the whole plugin, but I can’t figure out how to grab the current URL.
  • I build a math component for Adalo, which allows for running more complex calculations; I complete this component as I promise to release 2 Adalo components monthly.

👏🏻 build one #web3 component

  • I build another web3 auth component for Adalo, which is 80% complete; it allows you to authenticate with Metamask. It’s still pretty rough and needs some polish, but I guess I m in the right direction

⛽️ explore a new #nocode product I didn’t manage to explore code2 and build a proof of concepts as per my original plan, but I guess the effort I spent on building the chrome plugin with FlutterFlow consider a movement to explore new #nocode product.

I think my product weekend #2 was not perfect but considered quite successful.