Product Weekend 2024 #1

I love to focus on doing my own things over the weekend. It's like a hackathon from the old days, although I never officially participated in one. Sometimes I clear a few tasks over the weekend, while other times I focus on building a product prototype. In any case, having a dedicated time like this motivates me to push my product-building momentum.

So, would you like to know what I did during my first product weekend in 2024?

This is what I plan

This is what I have done

  • FilaHQ was supposed to be my new product, and I had planned to create the logo and landing page during the product weekend. However, while working on the brand, I felt that the name was not suitable, so I stopped working on it entirely.

  • During this time, I cleaned up my VPS by removing unused ones and consolidating my own and my clients' projects. This will help me prepare to build more products this year.

  • Moreover, I rebuilt GetMetrics while migrating some of my old products. I used FilamentPHP for rebuilding it and am planning to add more features soon.

  • I also deployed a US VPS to replace the Singapore VPS. It is cheaper and nearer to my target audience.

  • Unfortunately, I had to skip the bonus since I was running out of time.

    Nevertheless, I am pretty happy with the results, and it has prepared me for what I'm going to focus on this year. I hope that I can spare some time every month to have a product weekend once every month.