Product Weekend 2024 #4

I've been doing this every month, and I'm really into it. I set aside a weekend every month to focus on building products or trying something new, and it feels great.

Here's what I've planned

What I have done so far.

  1. I developed a custom bot for the GPT Store. This bot interacts with Raindrop services, searches for bookmarks, and summarizes bookmark pages. Before releasing the bot to the public, I need to set up some privacy settings.

  2. I created a GPT client with FilamentPHP. After watching the Laracast video on the AI series, I successfully created a simple client that interacts with ChatGPT AI. My next step might be to explore building the Assistant.

  3. I produced AI-generated content for social media. I was able to put together a Lofi video with AI-generated music, background, images, and animations.

end my post with the Lofi video I created.