Product Weekend #3

I was away last week to send my wife to another state for some course; while having some personal time without the need to take care of the kids during the weekend, I decided to have product weekend #3

Results of my Product Weekend include

I manage to build a proof of concept of Readr with Supabase, Adalo & Integromat. What Readr does is accept the webhooks notification, store it in Supabase and alert me through the mobile application. The concept is simple, but I wasted lots of time on it. I will share more in my upcoming post.

While I am building Readr , I can't find any #nocode platforms that support white label webhook, which means if I make an app through #nocode, it will be tough if I want to build an incoming webhook feature that leverage on my app.

Besides this, I tested multiple #nocode products during the days, and it gave me some ideas to create some Twitter threads related to #nocode; I m still sorting out these ideas, but I will be sharing them soon.

Overall I m not satisfied with what I have built, but I m happy with what I gained through the product weekend.