Product Weekend #5 2024

I am proud of myself for continuing the weekend campaign for our fifth round since February. Although I haven't seen significant growth from this weekend's campaign, consistency is the key.

Here's what I've planned

What I have done so far.

The past weekend presented its share of challenges as I overlooked the fact that Father's Day coincided with a public holiday on Monday, impacting my productivity.

One of the hurdles I encountered was a technical issue with my Facebook Business Suite, which hindered my access to the WhatsApp API.

In the end, I integrated ChatBase with WhatsApp and created a prototype as a virtual friend. Unfortunately, the ChatGPT4O model on ChatBase can't interpret photos and voice, which means the prototype doesn't fully meet my target.

While I was struggling to connect WhatsApp with ChatGPT, a new idea popped up, and I built a prototype. I'll share more about this prototype soon.

That's all for my product weekend #5 in 2024.