Project Admira is to replace an existing portfolio website that builds on WordPress. I choose to use Laravel based CMS - Twill CMS for the rebuild. One of the main highlights for the rebuild is new product matching feature. It allows users to upload an image, based on the uploaded image; the new CMS should return an existing product that matches with the colour/category.

I start the colour matching features with Colour Thief library, that catch the domain colour from the upload photo and match with existing product colour library. It was for simple colour matching, but it fails when products that are having wood grains or pattern.

I try to use Clarifai next to extract the tags from upload image and compare with the pre-generated tags of the existing products image; it doesn't match as well.
Last I switched over to Google Vision API, and finally, I manage to match products not only by colours, by tags and by general terms. A good example is I have a pink test image, but it can't match with my pink products because the colour code doesn't match. Finally, it can match now because the Google Vision API generates the term 'pink' for the images.