Founder Memorials is an exciting project; I need to build a landing page + a competition brief and a selling engine that sell the competition kit. The users need to buy the competition kit to join the competition.

I get one of the designers on board to help handle the competition brief, and I build the landing page on WordPress & setup Woocommerce for selling the competition kit.

One of the features for this project is there are a lot of media files to download. The organiser prepares a lot of video & media for competition users to download, I believe they hope those media can inspire users to submit more relevant proposals.

There are two challenges for this feature:

First, all the media & videos are taking up a few Gigabyte of files, imagines every one purchase download just once, estimate around 200 purchase ( our initial estimate ) going to consume lots of bandwidth. My solution for this is put all on Digital Ocean Space. Their object storage is pretty cheap. I think I spend less than $10 per month to handles all download. Although the initial setup has some hiccup, I use the wrong download method, which consumes my hosting bandwidth. After that, I fixed it, changing the download method to redirect.

The other issue that I am facing is if you use Woocommerce selling products with download files, buyers won't be able to see the new files that you added. Which mean whoever bought your product before, won't be able to view once you are adding additional new files. It seems like Woocommerce l make it like this because of performance reason. If you need this feature, check out this repo for a fix.