Readr is one of my 2022 product ideas. For example, I get lots of emails for different notifications; I would like to turn these email notifications into webhooks and receive them with a mobile app.

I kickstarted the Readr concept during my product weekend #3; it started with this draft on iPad.


The flow is pretty straightforward, incoming webhook saved into Supabase, access these data with API and build a mobile client with Teta or Flutterflow. Too bad what I plan doesn't work, and to get the proof of concept version to work, I change my stack to Integromat, Supabase & Adalo.

Integromat - parsing all the incoming webhook and, based on different types of webhooks, creating different sets of data in Supabase.

Supabase - the backend for the Readr, it saves all the webhook into the database and generates an API to access these data.

Adalo - easy to build the mobile interface, and the notification is pretty easy to set up.

Using these tools allowed me to build my prototype in one day; it's good enough as a proof of concept, but still, a long way to go to make it a valuable product for others.

Next, I m planning to change the tools I use for the next release.