What's Next

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·Mar 13, 2021·

It has bothered me for the past two weeks. Yes, I m back and getting ready to work on products, but what next should I do?

I did some self-analysis to ensure what I should focus on next; I did some brainstorming based on what I like and what I don't like, what I can, and what I cannot to come out with some product type should focus on. The main thing is I still want to be an Indie Maker that I earn through my creation.

  1. Niche Mini SAAS - I have quite a lot of failure, but I think deep down I want to build a SAAS ( Software as a service ). The SAAS should be mini and niche to a specific market only.
  2. App - I would want to try to build something on Electron this year. I see quite a lot of success for selling application that makes by Electronjs; it should be worth exploring.
  3. API Product - I always find it challenging for UI & UX while building an application or SAAS, so I think I might be able to make an API product with less burden. This year come out with an API product is one of my targets as well.

These are the three main directions I m going to focus on, I might give it a try on some of the sidelines, like building directory/community/newsletter, but all those are mainly lead magnet; the main thing I should focus on should be still these three core thing.

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