Wow, things keep coming, I have my 15 minutes of fame appear on Product Hunt's newsletter. When I find out, I m pretty excited and posted on twitter, and that tweet is getting a reply from Ryan Hoover. Damn it suddenly feels like all the hard work and emotions toward the product are nothing because I m getting the small recognition.

It starts from one month ago when the Maker Festival API Edition announce but with a twist, it using GraphQL rather then what I familiar REST. I want to join since I miss out all past Maker Festival but afraid of trying some new. After some testing, discussion crawling and some help from Product Hunt support, I finally picked up how to work with the GraphQL and decided to join the Maker Festival.

My idea is pretty simple since I involved in both communities that mainly on telegram, I want to bring the same concept over to Product Hunt Maker Goal. I dig into Telegram API and find out how it works, trying out different packages that find that one work for my prototype. While working on the prototypes, it gives me an idea of building Chatgram, builds telegram bot without code, it's like Chatfuel for telegram.

I do a product launch before the submission, but the result doesn't look right, it upset me and let me feel that "Not everyone can be Maker". It gives me some hope when the voting announcement start since I make the right choice on category selection for submission. I only have two competitors in the same category.

Lucky only 3 competitor in my category

Finally, the result is out and I m getting runner up in the 3rd party integration, it's a small win for me, but it's a massive encouragement for my maker life.

  • Thanks for Fajar doing the pre-testing with me and give me lots of encouragement & ideas.
  • Thanks for 200wad communities that I am getting lots of encouragement here.
  • Thanks to Makerlog communities for the supports as well.