I have been dealing with WordPress for many many years, I start using it when it just forks from b2 and in fact, 70% of my freelance career I m dealing with WordPress. I wrote some WordPress plugins a long time ago; I think there is no official channel release plugin during that time. I build and release on my blog.

I have been building lots of small plugin for my freelance use, but never think of release through WordPress Plugins.

There are two major blockers to me; I'm lazy to follow up all changes when you release plugins officially, you need to follow all the changes and keep updating, the other things is I don't think I m a good developer, I scare that people might laugh at my code. I think of selling through Code Canyon before when it first accept WordPress plugin but giving up for the same reasons, lazy + lack of confidence.

After going through my options this year, to focus on building products or side projects, I need more passive income then wait for freelance work every month. Although I think of giving up on doing WordPress before, it brings me bread and butter all these years, I' m familiar with it and the market is there. Every year you can see some unique ideas pop in the WordPress market and times for land grab start again.

What I see is Elementor is going active in the market, although WordPress release the Gutenberg editor might seem like competitive to it, I believe it might bring more positive effect to the market.

My focus will be building some API integration with Elementor & Gutenberg this year, build up some plugins to generate passive income.