Daily Writing in 2020

Daily Writing in 2020

I start to do daily writing on 200wad since Dec 2018. Nothing must repeatedly appear on the site and write 200 words a day - every day. After 690 posts, I finally miss out to post one day and break my streaks. I take a break from it to let go a bit since I have been busy with my freelance work. A few weeks later, I found out that the 200wad ( Writelier ) is closing down in December. It's sort of like closing a chapter of my daily writing habits.

After taking a break from writing daily, I did try to write some posts on my blog here. It's kind of hard at first, while I try to focus on being more serious on this blog, less personal stuff related, there are times I have nothing to write at all. I force myself to start a 30daysofblogging, but the writing streak breaks a few times. I know that I need a place to continue my daily writing, but my blog is not the place for it.

In 2021 I will continue to blog here for Dev & Tech things that benefit others, maybe sometime I will be still talking about something about 'me', but I will bring my daily writing somewhere else. For now, I m thinking to settle at my Maker Buddy's product Lifelog. Let's see do I able to keep up this in 2021.

Write towards your goals. 100 words a day about your goals, whatever they might be. Write to think, plan, imagine, aspire, and get inspired by others doing the same.

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