Continue to slack through the July; it does get better than upper July, but I still spend pretty much times on Netflix for Bing Bang Theory.

I continue to work on blog and understand how Ghost work, build up my now page & freelance product portfolio content here. The NOW page auto-populate by selected tags. Original I plan for some Daily Ghost Tips challenge going to pause for now.
I try to revamp WebhookHQ, but while development in progress,  I pause it because it feels like I try to copy what Zapier is doing.
It's going to be pretty tough to copy your biggest competitor, blindly; I need to have proper planning what's next for WebhookHQ.
I have looked at some of the metrics based product and found it interesting; I might going to build one if I can find some times.

Finally, Project T is live and successfully to get the client on board for the maintenance contract, it's been beta testing for a month, finally clear this one.
Most of the SIA projects has also rushed out for their annual dinner event, and everything goes smoothly without any issue.

While I am working one of request to get PDF watermark on a selling PDF, I thought it should be something easy; get a PDF premium plugin that works with Woocommmerce should be able to solve the issue. Little did I know none of the plugins in the market allows you to preserve all the bookmark and links after you add the watermark. In the end, I need to buy a core library that serves this purpose and build my solution.

I started a new project for a show, it going to allow users to register their product for the show, it's going to be my project that is using Laravel + Vue without using Laravel Spark.

One of my friends is closing up her business, and she is going to let go of all her staffs. I have offered one of her crews that I been working & guiding with to join me. I have been doing some planning the business direction if she is going to join me. It has some risk, but I am going to spend three months to give her a try.