It seems like this post has delayed, I always busy at the beginning of the month, I should focus on publishing the dev journal before the start of the month next round.


I have come back to use my good old combo - Trello + Todoist to manage most of my things. Added IFTTT this round to build a proper integration for both. I might revisit Notion for my content strategy.


My Maker Goal Bot has won runner up in the 3rd party Integration in Product Hunt Maker Festival API, write 15 minutes of fame post and get retweet by Ryan Hoover, I guess that's the highest point of my Product Maker Life. It motivates me to keep going.

Finally, finish all my 200wad content over to Dayone using my Ext200wad service. I m proud of what I build, although no other people using it yet.

Building side projects give me more ideas, Ext200wad and Maker Goal bot both give me some new direction for WebhookHQ, I going to bring some of the new features to WebhookHQ pretty soon.


I have been using SpinupWP to managed my WP server, and recently they added a new backup feature, allows you to back up your site to 3rd party service like S3. You can't schedule a specific time to run the backup yet and can only set up to run daily, but is a huge save for WP server. Spinupwp start to show it's value compared to Laravel Forge.


Freelance work has been dragging; Project A has delayed. Project T, the Woocommerce site is about ready to launch, since I most probably need to Woocommerce Hosting, the idea to resell Woocommerce Hosting pop again.