Developer Journal Mid June 2019

Developer Journal Mid June 2019

Developer Journal Mid June 2019

It's fast that another two weeks just past, I been working hard for the past two weeks for a product to join the Product Hunt Festival API edition.


I have been trying a few things to optimise and quantify my life, somehow the whole stuff stuck recently, and I thought of changing the tools might help. After giving Notion, a third try and it just doesn't work. Coming back to my good old Trello and combine what I learn from Notion, I going to tweak my way using the old tools. Let's hope it is going to works for me.


I been working hard on my product a Telegram bot + Product Hunt Maker Goal and finally launch it on Product Hunt. It doesn't receive that many responds as I expect, but it is a good learning path. I spend at least 2 ~ 3 days, just for choosing a telegram package that suits my need. All these learning bring more ideas to enhance my current products and giving me a new product idea.

I have been trying lots of new things during the process of building this product; it helps me fear the unknown lesser and willing to try new things, which is why I abandon WordPress something that I already comfortable and migrate to Ghost, something that new to me. I have more plan on this, will reveal it more soon.


Freelance work is pretty standard now, as usual, some projects delayed due to the clients, but nothing really to shout about it. I have quite a few deals in talking. Hopefully, there will be a more positive outcome.