I m feeling lost this month; it might be because it's the end of the year or it might be because the tons of the freelance work that is pending. I felt busy with all the client's work and got no time to explore other things. Besides that my wife and I are busy with the next milestone of our life, we are like busy every day.

When you in a situation like this, you don't feel like blogging anything. That explains why I am missing for the past two nights. I try to explore things to write, but in the end, I feel exhausted, after exhausted by the work in the day time. If I can learn to enjoy to relax at night time, I might feel better. Sometimes I still work in the night time; sometimes I feel guilty for nothing to write, most of the time I feel powerless that my products road like not much progress.

There are still a few more days to end this year; I can't wait for next week to start my annually holidays. The holidays that I been waiting. The holidays that start from Xmas eve until the new year. I might not be able to sit there do anything relax, but hopefully, I can do something that I want to do during that period.