Headless widget kickstart

Headless widget kickstart

I m toying a small product idea - a widget that displays content through pulling headless CMS API.

The current status is working on the widget design; I already have a small engine to pull the API and convert into a javascript widget.

It might be because of headless CMS/ Jamstack or even no code trends; there is a lot of API based CMS solution appears. That's why I think why not take advantage of these API solutions and build widgets.
At the same time, lots of traditional CMS includes WordPress, the one having the most significant market share of CMS is API ready.

If we have a widget solution that regardless of what CMS you are using, allows you to pull part of your content through API endpoint.
We transform the API endpoint and make it compatible with our widget display API, and you can just put this widget on any website.

I have a blog that builds on top of Ghost, while that blog serves as a primary marketing channel for myself. I want to post my products/side project content on it. If I can pull those content as changelog on my side and show it as embed widget that will be great.

These are the reasons why I m thinking to build this headless widget.