I have a project from a long-time client; they are closing soon and want to have a warehouse sale. It is a closing sale, and since they want to clear the stock in exchange for all the cash, most of the products are getting a significant discount. They can imagine there will be a lot of loyal customer coming and the situation will be massive.
So they need a Queue System. A system that issues unique number to registered users allows the users to check their queue number and currently which batch to get ready. Last, the system can show some related info, like location and promotion to the users.
I happen to find out about Glide and think its suit for this use case. It takes me two days to build up the prototype and getting the owner approval. I hand it over to the sales executive, and they work out the detailed workflow for this event.

the Queue workflow

We manage to register 370 customers within 5 hours. The only issue we have is there is some delay for the unique code to appear during middle registration. Since Google Sheet Formula generates the unique code, we can't identify the issue is because of Google Sheet or Glide but is not a huge problem; it takes a few more seconds for the info to show.

The feedback from the clients is pretty positive; they love this little mobile app that gives them the flexibility to move around, instead of waiting for it blindly here.

I share the Glide template and demo on my product portfolio page.