Recently when I am building the Maker Goal Telegram bot for the Product Hunt Maker Festival API Edition, I spend some time on finding the most suitable package for my product. It needs to be a PHP package that works with Telegram API; it will be a bonus if it is work with Laravel or Lumen by default.

I build my early prototype on Botman, one of the excellent package for Laravel user & bot builder. It caters to a lot of other message platforms like facebook messenger, slack or web etc. I find it difficult if my focus is on Telegram only, it doesn't support some of the telegram bot features.

So I try to search for Telegram API package in Github. Most of the times, users will choose packages that have most star-ed. My advice is other than the star; you should take a look at these three things.

  • issues
  • pull requests
  • last commit date

Going through the issues you will see is there any bugs that reported but no one taking care, is there a lot of newbie issue ? That might be due to lack of documentation, is there a lot of pull request pending? It will reflect that no one is maintaining the package. Last commit date will tell you is the package still actively develop or not.

I skip two top star-ed package due to the above reasons; ultimately you still need to download the package and give it a try, I skip one of the packages because there is no way for me to make it work.

One interesting fact that the package that I last choose is a medium star-ed package development branch, it seems like the developer maintains a development branch but not yet official release due to busy with his work and no time to get the documentation ready.

At the end that it is one of the best package for my use case, although lack of documentation and I need to go through the source code sometime, it is well developed and stays with the latest telegram features.
Remember to try the package before fully committed to it, switch it when you found the package not working for you; it saved you more time then you think.