Impact of Youtube Video

Impact of Youtube Video

I find out that I been spending a lot of time on Youtube compare to the past two years. Especially this year I spend lots of time on Youtube to learn different things.

I follow some Instagram influencer on their youtube videos for HIIT exercise videos, and it starts from the influencer share some HIIT tips then slowly I follow up their video to practice those HIIT exercises.

I have some interest in some show on Netflix that I want to watch but don't want to spend 1 hour on 1 episode. So I search for those Youtuber who share the story of the show, they usually finish the whole episode within 10 minutes. I might go through a few videos like this before I decided the show worth it to watch. That's how I discover Lucifer on Netflix.

I plan to buy some electronic screwdriver. So I search on Youtube for comparison videos for the two brands that I struggle to choose. After a few comparison videos, finally, I make my decisions.

It seems to me that video has a significant impact on my life; it affects what I learn, what entertainment I decided to enjoy and even involved my shopping choices. Maybe I should explore more on this?