I talk about this Product Hunt Maker Festival API Edition quite often for the past few weeks, mainly because I had built a product to join it.

Checking out the list, I think I m choosing a pretty niche angle to build my products. There are a total of three products only within that "3rd party integrations" category; it's a bit tough for the "web apps" category, there are likes ten plus product to join for the competition. Another thing is the idea is unique when you enter a competition what you worry often is what if someone building the same idea as you.

lucky the idea is unique

Although based on my Product Hunt launch vote count, I don't think I got any chances to win, but at least I can put a big green check on participle in Product Hunt Festival, something that I want to join since it launched long time ago.

Besides that the experience to learn something new ( GraphQL & Telegram SDK ) in such a short time and build a product out of it is valuable for me. Because of this experience, I m not afraid to start exploring some of the new technology. This is the biggest gain for me for joining this Festival.

You can find out more on the list, and if possible, please give Maker Goal Bot a vote to show some support.