I talk about I wanted to join the Product Hunt Maker Festival last month. Maker Goal Telegram Bot is going to be my product to enter the Festival.

The idea is simple; I been in the community like WIP and Makerlog; all these communities allow you to use the telegram bot to log your task quickly. Instead of open the official site and try to log tasks or create a goal, you can quickly open the telegram and do some of the simple action with it.

I have been working on this product for the past few weeks.

  • I start playing on the GraphQL to understand how it works.
  • I have been playing with Producthunt GraphQL to understand how it works.
  • I set up a simple app with Botman to test how to telegram bot build.
  • I try a few telegram SDK packages to find one that can meet all my requirements.
  • I setup lumen to drive this project on API level first.
  • Combine all these and make it work

While on this, it pops me an idea; building a bot is straightforward how about building a platform that allows users to create a bot like this. My full implementation is running on this mindset; lots of commands now can run by fill in some data into the database.

It's almost at the final stage, the prototype is almost ready, and I will need to start busy with lots of other things like domain, server setup etc. for this product.

Let me know if any of you guys using Telegram and Product Hunt Maker

I am launching it next week.