Maker Journal July 2022

The past July is pretty meaningful to me; after not making much progress for the first half of 2022, I finally kickstarted my engine to start doing product work. My quarter three goals are pretty simple, finding another new product revenue on top of what I currently have, and July seems to have a good start.

First, I migrated my blog from Ghost to Hashnode to eliminate self-hosting problems and have fun with the new blogging platform.

Then I kickstarted product weekend #2, which boosted my confidence; I built a chrome plugin prototype with FlutterFlow, created another Adalo component, and have a web3 authentication component concept proof.

I also focus on rebooting Adalomatic, my Adalo component store. After being quiet for six months, I revamped the landing page again, going through the two components release cycle and sending a newsletter to my component store customer. I also build a new workflow to allow my customer to support me to claim a free component.

Before the end of the month, I was doing research on my new product idea by testing out all kinds of webhook services; I will share more once I start building on this particular product.

Overall, July feels refreshing, and I feel like I m getting something there. Hopefully, I can bring the same momentum to August.