Maker Journal May 2024

Photo by kris on Unsplash

Maker Journal May 2024

May was a pretty productive month for me. Although I didn’t finish what I originally planned, which was to create a YouTube channel and a TikTok channel, I managed to play with lots of AI-related stuff. This forced me to go back to the drawing board and brainstorm what I should focus on for AI content.

Check out my product weekend post where I share some of the AI stuff I tried and built. I also tried to build some AI content using some of the latest AI tools, following some of the trending videos on YouTube. It really reminded me of the gold rush days when those selling tools made the most profit.

As for my own products, I completed two Adalo components, which I am going to clean up and put up for sale in June. I tried to finish a Chrome Extension that I was building with FlutterFlow, but I couldn’t get the Chrome API to work with it. This might be because I’m not very familiar with Flutter. Besides that, I tried out NativePHP and managed to get FilamentPHP widgets to show as a Mac menu app.

That’s all for May. Getting all these done while celebrating my 44th birthday was awesome!