My Maker Year 2019

I am doing a quick cap of what happens on things that I build in 2019. I don't dare to call it products, more like I have built seven things in the year 2019.

My Maker Year 2019

Original thinking to have a 2020 goals post today, but I think I shall leave that for tomorrow. I am doing a quick cap of what happens on things that I build in 2019.

I don't dare to call it products, more like I have built seven things in the year 2019.

WebhookHQ - I have rebuilt and rebrand my 2018 product - Hookeepr to WebhookHQ, trying to monetize but failure, I have some new ideas and going to revamp it on the year 2020.

Custom Form Action - I build a WordPress plugin that allows Elementor form module to connect to Google Sheet directly. Currently, I only use it for my client's side, didn't do an official release.

Ext200wad - I build a site to extend the 200wad features, mainly to generate webhook pings daily once it detects a new post, for my usage, I use this to backup my 200wad to dayone for backup. I am looking to revamp this in the year 2020 as well.

Maker Goal - My two minutes fame of internet for the year 2019, I build a telegram bot that interacts with Producthunt Maker todo list. This helps me won a follow-up award on the Producthunt MakerFeast, and my name appears on Producthunt Newsletter for the first time. - My blog, for the first time I step out my comfort zone ( PHP ) and using something I m not familiar with, this blog is built on top of Ghost ( nodejs )

Queue Management System - I have build up a Queue system for one of my clients using Glideapp as a nocode project. I did release it for the public to duplicate, but it just goes quiet after a few days.

Black Friday For Maker - The other nocode project that I build using Airtable and Table2site. It features Black Friday deals for Maker and branded as an aggregate deal site that focuses on privacy with no tracking.

Honourable mentions for 2 more things that I try to build but never complete

ChatgramHQ - While making the Maker Goal, I was thinking to have a bot platform for Telegram user, it's like a Chatfuel for telegram. I build up the landing page and with the effect of Producthunt Makerfest award, but so far the response is not right, I leave it there for now.

InterstateHQ - I built roadmap tools in 2018, and I m halfway try to rebuild it into a widget product in 2019 but didn't complete. Ideally, it can pull my Ghost posts and show it as a widget on sites.

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Telegram bot + Product Hunt v2 API = Maker Goal Telegram Bot. It’s pretty common in Makerlog & WIP Maker community to manage the tasks with telegram bot, that’s why I build one to access Product Hunt Maker Goal
Queue Management System #madewithglide
I have to build a Queue Management System for a Retail Shop Warehouse sale. Theretail shop is closing down soon, and they are going to sell all their stockcheap. They expect there will the crowd will be crazy, and they need a system tomanage the queue. The actual process actual split into 2 part…
ChatGram: Build your telegram bot with no code
It’s like Chatfuel for Telegram
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Black Friday Deals For Maker
Hand Picked Deals For Maker. No Tracking & No Affliate Link.