My thoughts while cleaning emails

My thoughts while cleaning emails

While 2020 is almost going to end, there are lots of product promotion newsletter incoming, while clearing all these emails I start to think about what I am planning to do in 2021.

Firstly, I can start to plan to leave WordPress behind, the Year 2020 quite a few Woocommerce sites that I handle closed. I still have a few WP site that I managed for my client's, but I can see myself or my agency start to leaving from building with WP.

Laravel should continue to be my core stack for building for my other client. I have build 2~3 new project based on Laravel this year, and I might be going to do more on this.

I delete some of those site builder promotion newsletters; my strength is not really on the design part, no point to focus on building website project for clients, I should be more focus on building web app / API for clients.

Besides that my staff has been helping me on using various nocode tools, most likely my agency going to continue focus on this niche. I always plan to move my agency into building with nocode; the Year 2021 might be a good starting point for it.

It's interesting to have so many though while cleaning all the newsletter/promotion emails, but I need to sit down to turn these brainstorm ideas into some actionable steps for 2021.