I talked about ProductHunt MakerFestival a few days ago and yes I managed to get some essential work, it turns out that although the  Graphql is something new, it's pretty manageable and I have success to get some of the fundamental element up like auth with users and query with users goals etc. So if nothing goes wrong, I should have a product ready for this round MakerFestival.

While I busy building the product, it pops me a new idea; what I am going to develop is something pretty simple. It's a telegram bot that is going to respond to the command.

What if I build a platform that let others can create a similar type of bot? Which means I am going to make a platform so that I can use the platform to build a bot to join the MakerFestival, It's a little bit meta but when the bot is out there getting some attention, of course, the traffic might backflow to the platform.

Doing some research it seems like not much product focus on building Telegram specific no code style, long time ago, Chatfuel starts with Telegram bot, it seems like they have switch the attention over to Facebook Messenger bot already. There are some other similar products but focus on multiple bot platform. I did find some other telegram bot service, but most are more focus on community usage.

Let's see what can I come out with before the due date.