I been setup this site for the past few days, finally today managed to come out with this first post.

This blog is a new domain, but I m not a first-time blogger. I started back from 2004, 15 years ago. I begin on b2 then WordPress until early 2017. After my last post ended in January 2017, I put a pause on my original blog and leave it.

Blogging has accompanied me going through a few life events, from my first job as an IT support, become a developer later, start to freelancing, coming back to Malaysia, Getting married and having my first baby. I lose motivation around 2015~2016, busy with my freelance life and only manage to post very little, which is why I pause it in early 2017.

During the end of 2018, I just going through the lowest point in my life, closing down my own company and become a freelancer again, I started writing on 200wad site again as a way to note down that period. Every day 200 words pushing my limit. Today I have non-stop writing on 200wad for 136 days. That’s the main reason why I feel like reboot my blog. Beside that seeing, some developers started their journal make me feel like having a space for my brand.

The reason I started a new domain is that the old domain name is part of my memory, I m not going to remove the past posts, but it will be pretty confusing to any new reader. Besides that, I keep more personal things on 200wad like family and kids related posts. I want a space to talk about tech/code/products that I love, which is why I choose to start new on this new domain, which I bought like 12 years ago and never used it.

Anyway, I didn’t set up any specific goal for this site, and I will be moving some of the posts from 200wad to here, but hopefully, I m going to get this space started nicely.