The 2021 Year In Review

It's over. I m writing this post after five days into 2022.

I thought 2021 would be pretty challenging for me, but things happen. The biggest issue I have disappeared and is kind of sad. If I can exclude this incident, the Year 2021 is almost perfect for me.

Writing - I m continue writing on GoLifeLog daily; although I have lost my streak a few times, it has become a habit to write something every day. Besides that, I manage to write more than 30 posts on this blog, and I only start writing after March. So it is considered the most incredible output of the year since I started blogging here.

Health - I thought I m going to miss this one at first, after going through both Keto and IF, but it seems like it doesn't help since we have been lockdown from the COVID, and our choices are pretty limited. Until the last month of 2021, my wife intros me to a new diet and currently, I m on the lowest weight for the past five years.

Profit: Yes, I generate income through products for the first year. While building components for Adalo, it also created some other different opportunities. It doesn't bring me a lot of profit, but it helps me generate a new income stream other than freelancing.

Product - I had three different targets at the beginning of the year, but in the end, I ran on a very different path; I became a platform marketplace component builder, I have built components and sold for a #nocode platform.

Challenges - I did three challenges this year, and I completed all three.

  1. I did a 7components in 7days challenge, kickstarted my component store and built seven components in 7 days.
  2. I challenge myself during Octoberfest to commit to blogging post pull requests rather than coding pull requests, and I finish it with 7 PR.
  3. I have try a #ship30days challenge but I can only hit 25 days streaks.
  4. I did another component challenge for 24 components in 24 days and managed to finish it again.

Overall I give myself 4/5 stars for the year 2021, it's not easy, but I manage to hit most of the things within the second part of the year. Well Done.