2021 Challenge Confirmed

2021 Challenge Confirmed

It might be a bit weird to say this now, but I can pretty sure that 2021 will be one of my challenging years.

Yes, I just confirmed something today, and 2021 will be a challenging year to me with a few more significant challenges and one happy surprise. I m not sure is it appropriate to know ahead before we kick start 2021?

Since the news is confirmed, I can officially end my rest week; I need to start preparations for it even though only a few days remaining for 2020.

Simultaneously, I feel like pretty much to ignore it and enjoy the last few days of 2020. Since things will happen for reasons, no point I ruin the last few holidays I have for 2020 and rush into challenging 2021.

One of the more comfortable things to find out based on my Zodiac ( Monkey ), 2021 is one of the pretty good years for us ( Monkey ), it's been a long time a good year for my Zodiac. I m not that superstition, but things like this make you feel better and more energy to face the challenge ahead.

Yes, 2021 is coming, and I will conquer it.