It's been a long run; I launch Hookeepr 8 months ago after that lots of things have happens. I start again to the habit to keep shipping codes for product early March, and the target is getting Hookeepr 2.0 launch.

For the past two weeks, I m struggle on shall I expand the scope to cover some other features, after trying to work on it and find out that it broadens the scopes too wide and revert all the changes.

Finally, I decided to rebrand the whole product after the previous over bloated features decision.WebhookHQ has born to replace the Hookeepr 2.0.

For the past days, I have been busy with deploy the whole 2.0 and the rebranding, new logo and new assets and it needs to replace for quite a few endpoints that I advertise this project. With the limitation that I only set for 2~3 hours in the night time to ship product daily, it takes a few days to finish all these changes.

The newsletter is ready yesterday morning, that's because it's a special public holiday for me and I can do some product related work in the day time. What I sent yesterday is my first product newsletter, really getting excited about it.

After non-stop shipping for the past 38 days, I finally rebooted my first product and put in some new energy to it. There are a few more things I would like to enhance, but I think I am going to put it aside first, focusing on doing some marketing for it and coding another new product first.