I have been thinking about what's next for WebhookHQ after I stop the latest development because I find that I m moving the project toward the direction to replicate another Zapier. Since I want to practice "Thinking by writing", it's is better I write out my plan rather than keep planning within my brain.

Why I think to move toward Zapier direction is not suitable for WebhookHQ? I do believe in having a webhook based Zapier style SAAS have their market. But I consider this will be very taxing to build from an indiehacker perspective. You need to develop a lot of integration to make this work while competing with Zapier directly and a few other big players with funds.

What I think I should focus is on the Webhook with API this part, collect the incoming webhooks and allows to present / query through API. This should be my USP ( unique selling point ); you can have access to the webhooks that you collect through API.

I should be focusing on these

  • Better & more reliable API to access collected Webhooks.
  • Focus on doing marketing on what can we do by query the API.
  • Build some widgets that interact with the API query directly, example popup widget when incoming sales webhook from Woocommerce or Stripe.
  • Aggregate function, for example, can count how many webhooks appears, sum out a specific field of the incoming webhooks.

These should be the next move of WebhookHQ