What's next for WebhookHQ

What's next for WebhookHQ

It's been two months since I did any changes on WebhookHQ, I been working on other side projects. I learn something new through my side projects and it spikes some new ideas to improve my very first product.

Last night I did some check on WebhookHQ stats, there are still some new users sign up, even without doing any marketing for the past two months. But it seems like not many of users using the new feature. Most of the users just using it as a received point for webhook only. I might need to do some marketing to focus on the new features.

It's been a while I am looking at the WebhookHQ source code,  I start to work on it last night again. I was thinking to use Spatie latest package that related to the webhook client & webhook server. After some trial and error, it seems like not suitable for my product use case.

My plan for WebhookHQ this month is to improve the channels notification & adding new channels.

Currently, the channel just sending the entire hook content in one go. What I want to do is to allow users to send customised content. For example, maybe can send Slack attachment or customise twitter content for auto-tweets. WebhookHQ only includes webhook & slack channel support; I plan to add a few more channels as well, which might consist of twitter, telegram, makerlog and maybe some other indie maker products.

After this round of features enhancement, I need to focus on marketing work for WebhookHQ