2020 Year In Review

2020 Year In Review

I have three main focus when starting in 2020, I think I m only achieve 50% among the three main focus, but I believe it has been great for a pandemic year like this.

Weight and Health - My forever issues, repeating every year. This year I try to focus on Keto, trying to 16/8 fasting and sometimes 24 hours fasting, it does show results sometimes, but I can't keep up. I try to do 7 minutes to work out for a few months and see some results but give up after tie-up by works. Overall I kind of failure on this part.

Products - I have continued my maker momentum and continue building this year, although I didn't manage to create on different platform like what I wish at the beginning of the year, but I still make a lot and build something new ( on mobile ). The only issue all these side projects didn't manage to generate more income and hit 20% of my freelance income.

Self Improvement - I have picked up tons of new habits, although not all practice lasting, I believe this is one of the years that I open myself to try out new things. I still write a lot, although not as much as 2019, and my writing streak has broken. I read lesser this year too, might be reading not my thing? I completed a few self challenge also which I m really proud of.

What I did in 2020

Build product with #nocode weekly for 3 months

NocodeWeekly - I’m Knight
I build 11 products with #nocode within 3 months

I build a landing page to thanks all the services that provide extra effort during this COVID-19 period

Thank you
A special thank you page dedicated to these SaaS provider that supports everyone that having a tough time and getting impact by COVID-19.

I build a Woocommerce payment gateway plugin and trying to selling through Gumroad with 0 sales.

Knight 
Follow me for posts on what I am creating.

I build HubSponsors using #nocode tools to show case some of the open source contributor that worth your sponsor through Github

Support open source contributor

I launch a stats monitoring tools that use to monitor some of the stats and doing weekly deliver

Get your metrics report weekly

I build a solution that help Maker to accept payment through Stripe Checkout with #nocode

Launch HelloJB series of side products includes

  • a merhcant - customer matching app with glide
  • a shop directory listing
  • a visitor checkin app
  • a Facebook Page
  • a Booking appointment system
  • reselling ecommerce services
Discover food and entertainment around in Johor.

I build 4 components to release in Adalo marketplace and manage to earn some income through #nocode

No-Code Meet Code in Adalo’s Component Marketplace
The Component Marketplace features components for your Adalo no-code app made by third party developers. React Native Developers can now create components for the marketplace or for personal use.

I completed these challenges

#nocodeweekly for 3 months. https://twitter.com/i/events/1237764443439640576

#100DaysOfDesign to create design continue of 100 days https://twitter.com/i/events/1284333515836776449

#30DaysOfblogging a small challenge after my writing streak broken https://twitter.com/i/events/1344669607651463169