Change Or Continue

Change Or Continue

Yesterday I m busy with all sort of code issue, after multiple meeting & demo today, I m now busy with planning and making a decision.

I have a project that consists of two-part. After the initial communication and demo, the client and I thought of settle the first part with the Learning Management System with WordPress with LearnDash. The second part came in before we sign the deal; it raises as additional quotes to have a mobile app that can sync with part 1. After some digging, I found Apppresser which should be able to help me for part 2, so I send in the new quote and sign off the deal.

Today is the demo day for part one, and it seems like a Learning Management System is not really what the client want. What they need is something more straight forward. A Learning Management System is over features for the use case. It's good news while I have some issue to use Apppresser, but this means the whole project needs to back to the drawing board to re-planning.

Of course, I can continue using WordPress to hard code build the thing; the requirement is a bit unique, which I doubt there are any plugin caters to that. Since the first part is already no based on any plugin, part 2 of the project means that I can use any tools as long as work with part 1 API integration.

But deep down, I feel that the project might be better to build from scratch using Laravel since I need to code for both solutions. Building from scratch brings more benefit, and it will be easier for the part 2, but of course, I have quote the project lower because I thought it could be settled with WordPress + LearnDash + some custom work.

Changing the quote is impossible now since the project is halfway. I wonder shall I change it to build a better product or shall I continue to deliver?