Count down for the rest week - Day 1

Count down for the rest week - Day 1

I talk about my annual rest habits, to enjoy short holidays from Xmas eve to the New Year. I have started to inform most of my clients; I will be away for this short break. Most of the client is pretty ok with it since most of the people will be out too during this holiday seasons. But there is still one project ( Project C ) claiming to rush it off before the end of the year; I will see how it goes.

So far I have a quick meeting with my staff this morning, make sure we are on the same page for project C, I doubt it can be rush it off before the end of this week, but the owner seems like want to push for that. I almost pause the rest of the projects and get my staff ready for any last-minute work for Project C.

For Project I, I have scheduled a meeting with the owner on Wednesday, will be our last meeting before going for the rest week. I have to clean up the Project I ads issue and ready a simple sitemap for the site revamp. I need to put up a mock-up tomorrow for the meeting will do.

I finish the last few changes for project D today and send over for the users to review and testing. I believe it still long ways to go, but at least I leave some homework for the users, and hopefully, they will get back with some useful feedback.

I suppose to complete Project I - API infrastructure but has been pending for months. I might squeeze this in as rest week projects, but hopefully, I can skip this.