Count down for the rest week - last day

Count down for the rest week - last day

I thought of writing down daily to count down to my rest week, but didn't have time at all; the past four days is packed and by the time I have time & the energy to sit down to write. It's the Xmas eve already.

My rest week will start from Xmas until the new year.

So what have I done for the past few days?
Project C - This is a WordPress Project for one of the non-profit organization to collect recurring donations. I have to change the themes a few times, switching between Astra and Hello Theme and looking for inspirations between different theme library. After settling the theme part,  recurring donation and issue tax exemption receipt hit me, trying a few donation plugins + invoicing plugin to find the best combo. I haven't completed the project, but there is no reply from the client-side as well, maybe I need to continue working on this during my rest week.

Project I - revamp a WordPress site for a famous food blogger. I have come out some ideas for the mockup, did some quick mock on themes to showcase to the clients and meeting with them to finalize the revamp. It's still a lot of things need to tweak, but it can wait until next year.

Project D - I have sent for clients to review and wait for feedback and continue working on it next year.

Project I - I need to build up the API structure for this project to migrate it from the current infrastructure, I didn't have time to do anything so far, might try to build up during my rest week.

Project A - I have some remaining enhancement to finish it before I go for my rest week. I didn't have time to complete it, but the clients pretty understand, I need to move it to next year as well.

It seems that the rest week might not be rest, since there are quite a few things I still need to do, I can't even think of having time to working on any products. It feels like the school holidays during my younger days, lots of homework waiting for me to complete before starting the school.