Dev Journal End Nov 2019

Dev Journal End Nov 2019

I have been busy with Black Friday, not only searching for products/service deals that I need, but I also prepare for some products launch for Black Friday. Due to many issues, I only manage to launch one, and I think it is fortunate to start one.

Initially, I have 3 product ideas for Black Friday.

  1. Something related to Woocommerce, more like consolidate resources and make a bundle sale, but due to some reason, it has postponed.
  2. Something related to nocode, more like offer to build some product with nocode for a fixed price. This project also faced some problem and has been a delay.
  3. Relaunch the Black Friday Deals For Maker site; I have built a Black Friday Deals Aggregator site on 2018, I plan to relaunch it with some twists.


  • Project A - Finally launched before Black Friday, it has been dragging as one of my most extended freelance projects. We sign off in the year 2018, start working on 2019 Apr and finally launch it in mid-November.
  • Project A2 - Meet up with the users for an initial discussion; it's time to start coding it.
  • Project M - The new Woocommerce project now need retail POS support; this is what I been busy setup.

Trying to charge for a product but it doesn't seem like work, a big step to start charging users, although there is still no income from products.

Exploring Integromat for some particular use case on my latest projects. It does offer more for free compare to Zapier.