Another short trip to Genting with my wife's side family. As usual, rushing the works before I leave and still support the clients when I m in Genting. I m glad that I have a new staff that helps for some of the works.

Getting my first coffee support from the BMAC, consider this as a Product income and finally break the zero product income this year. Besides this, I m explore Ecwid again to explore both selling and building service around it. I have lost my maker log streak due to finish up the rest day, I going to start again.

Upgrade my ghost to the latest 3.0 and fix some of my theme error, exploring inertia and planning to use it for my next projects.

Fixed a compromised server, shut down a few servers and migrate backup to Digital Ocean Space

Project A - continue
Project O - in the process to hand over
Project M - kickstart
Project A2 - kickstart

Register a new local company to handle local staff & income. Local income is stable for the team at least the next six months. Two more projects still in the talk, but I guess that's all for this year. Going to working on products this last two month and generate more product income.

Another year of Hacktoberfest and send in some pull request for Twill CMS. Original though for replace Woocommerce by Ecwid, but the new project is back on Woocommerce again, going to sell Ecwid to the local market and see how it goes.

October is kind of dull month for me; I m looking forward to focussing on November and launch things.