Dev Journal Mid Nov 2019

Dev Journal Mid Nov 2019

It's been two weeks since coming back from the short family trip; I guess I have finished up my this year travel quotas and I'm trying to focus on my freelance work & products

Currently planning to consolidate some on hand resources and going to sell it as a bundle, two products are working in progress for the upcoming Black Friday.

Project A - continue on this, getting stress on this project, and I want to finish it and launch. Hopefully, it can be live within this month.
Project A2 - the project kick start, currently in scope research, data structure planning and visual design.
Project M - I have lived a new Woocommerce project, and it's going to add in a lot more customisation on the go.

While my focus is on product business now, I m still try to explore to sell Ecwid to local users. There are some potential clients, and I might do some sponsorship so that I got more Ecwid related project to showcase.

I research a lot of nocode payment page recently to set up something to collect payment for my upcoming productize business.

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