Dev Journal Mid Oct 2019

Dev Journal Mid Oct 2019

Since coming back from the trip, I have been busy with most clients work; it does feel tired to bring the kids to travel, it takes me 2~3 days to clear up and rest enough to get back to my work.

I manage to share how I build the Queue system on Glide. I plan to make a few more sample app on Glide but can't fork out time from my busy freelance work.

I busy doing lots of server stuff recently, close down some of the client's server, find out how one of the server compromise. Playing around with s3cmd to migrate all the backup to Digital Ocean Space.

Project A - continue on this, and suddenly the core module of my image recognition logic is broken, need to re-look into it.
Project R - Tweaking some of the minor fix and launch
Project C - Meetup with clients and handover, need to follow up some small fix and done.
Project O - Waiting for finalising with the client and done

One big project confirms the target is to launch the whole thing before Q1 next year. Two medium-size freelance project in the talk, I'm a little bit worry if all confirm, this year going to end pretty busy. All these cause me no time to focus on products.

After much consideration, going to replace the Woocommerce which are part of my eCommerce stack for my clients by Ecwid. It's not a light decision to switch from something familiar to something new, but I guess it is best for the long run. My small target is to launch ten stores before next year renews my partnership with Ecwid.