I m back. After slack for June & July, finally, my working engine is started again, and it can say primarily is due to the push of my freelance work. Most of my days are pack with family time and freelance work, squeeze in some new tech learning & reading and very minimal progress on products.

The primary thing I am doing on products for the past two weeks builds a mockup of the widgets and now trying to implement it into production.

Project A suddenly back to the table with lots of requests. Some of these requests affect the fundamental of the application, lots of work required into it.

Project O is another core project that works in progress. Last week the system was lived, and this week is going to use it to run for the event, so I try to clean up the UI yet the client still throwing new requirement.

I had built a PDF plugin for Woocommerce using some commercial PDF library for some of the specific requests

Two enquiries in talks but nothing confirmed yet, but freelance side seems like doing pretty well. It's tough to take care of two significant application development.  Taking care of some minor maintenance request, follow up with potential enquiry and making some business decision.

Due to one client's request, I m exploring on Glideapp, and it seems like a pretty helpful tool. The function is limited right now, but it can tie to Google Spreadsheet as perform as a mobile application are impressed. Currently, I m build a Queue manage system for my client's event. I might put in more effort to explore more.