I have been busy working on some new product and the past two weeks are really like flying, lots of things are still pending on my todo list, but May ended already.


Daily shipping continues, although I lost my streak on WIP and getting upset for a while and might be considering to focus on Makerlog since I prefer their style of streak design.

Vue learning is crawling since I busy with my product, but not going to leave it, but at the same time, I pick up lots of other things when I am doing my product development. I am having some fun on GraphQL, Telegram API and Ghost.


I have been busy with ProductHunt Maker Festival API Edition, and the idea is building a platform to host the product that I am going to join the Festival, I'm still working on it, but it's going to be my main focus for the next two weeks.

I launch Extend 200wad a weeks ago which allows 200wad users to sync their content and generate webhook pings, it solved my issue to backup content through IFTTT and can cross sync over to Makerlog.

WebhookHQ is on hold for now; I got some new ideas while I was working on ext200wad, going to bring those features over.

The IntegrateWP new plugin is almost ready, I going to clean up and submit to WordPress Plugins, and I have two premium extension in planning.


I m still improve my colour matching engine and not satisfy with the results of Clarifai, I have switched over to Google Vision API, and the results are so much better.

Ticket Selling site enhancement completed, but the client has some new feature to add on, and a site revamp upcoming, I guess which mean I am going to busy until July.

One of the client's Woocommerce site is almost ready, should be launch this month, while working on Woocommerce site give me a few ideas of what plugins to build, I need a few more hands I guess.