It's been crazy with all the freelance work before I go for the trip, most of my building habits has been a pause because of this insane workload, imagine on the day before I go airport and I m still trying to deliver some work for my clients. The first day when I in Taiwan, I m still working on a solution for my agency partner to access the file when I not around. There is some minor support request when I m travel but lucky it doesn't affect my whole trip pretty much.


Since I stop the daily shipping for products this month, nothing much has built. But I did create a Queue system for my client's sale event using Glide, and it seems like getting quite a positive enquiry on Twitter, going to clean up and share it soon.


Project A - nightmare before my trip, I been spending lots of time on this hopefully it can be close when I m back from the trip.

Project R - landing page waiting for some final modification

Project C - Almost ready as well, once I fixed the missing one metrics and going to meet the clients to deliver the results.

Project O - Feedback is pretty good, need to meet the clients and finalise the changes.

Project M - live the changes before my trip; it should be good.


Two medium-size freelance project in the talk, I think I m enough of freelance projects this year, with my new staff on board, I want to focus on products and launch productize services.


I didn't know that a sample Glide app on Twitter will be getting so much feedback, might adjust my no-code Agency idea and focus on some new tools first.