While complaining myself being slack for the past two months, finally I start to pick up myself and push forward. While I have a work-life balance lifestyle, getting more rest , spend time with kids and doing my freelance work, I can't fork out more time for products & self-learning, I guess more optimization of life needed.

Product continue moving in minor steps

WebhookHQ has been brainstorm and confirms what going to happen next.

I started to do build mockup of a headless widget which might help a pivot of my previous product - InterstateHQ

Project A's client finally awake and call for a meeting. There are some layout & design changes again, currently waiting for designer to get these ready and I need to continue working on it.

Project T went live a few weeks ago and Project K, which done six months ago, finally received their first transaction on the same day. Finally, I have some Woocommerce site that is running on Stripe and getting payments.

Project O is currently work in progress.  The main problem for this project is there are some changes every week after the project meeting. On the bright side,  so far, the application I build for them received positive feedback.

One of the WP sites has comprised, and I managed to restore it and fixed the loophole.

It's going growth, and I got some new leads from the previous church projects. Currently, I m swamped, and no time to plan what's the next move after the new staff join me, this is kind of alert me that the same thing might happen once she join.