I have a slack start for July, the past two weeks is getting a bit too relaxed, and nothing productivity has done.


Personal productivity drops a lot and spending quite a bit of time on entertainment - Netflix. Going to pick up and push myself starting of mid-July.


After the Maker Goal Bot, I have been taking a break for building products; there are few things I would like to focus on includes

  • Publish more content on this blog
  • Revamp WebhookHQ
  • Live the Elementor Custom Action Form
  • Plan the daily Ghost Tips series

Original I plan to finish all these before of mid of July, I guess now can only get it done before the end of July.I have some other products ideas include Ghost Hosting, Ghost Widget, Managed Woocommerce Hosting but mostly are on ideas draft mode.


Since most likely, I going to start some managed Woocommerce Hosting, I have begun to migrate back from Spinupwp to Kinsta. Kinsta now allows 5 sites on the $100 bucks plan is a relieve, it use to offer three sites only. I might do a crowdsource to push my Kinsta plan to a higher tier.


Project A continue delayed, Project T almost ready to launch soon. Project S changes mostly lived today because it is their annual dinner. Confirm Project O and will start working on it next week. Recently there is one suitable candidate available, thinking to expand the current business by hiring her.