It’s been a hectic month until the end of last week, suddenly one of the significant rushing projects slow down. Finally, I have some spaces to breathe in. Flood with all the freelance work means I got no time to do other things, even when I have managed to squeeze out some time, I use it to rest mostly.


Even though busy with all the freelance work, I continue to ship a tiny bit of code daily, currently is on streak 66 days. I start to have days when I don’t feel like ship anything in the night time, due to extensive coding in the day time for my work. I try to pick up a different angle for my products, like doing some marketing, image editing to keeps my chain; it works well.

My Vue learning was pause for two weeks, it entirely drains every day after my work, and I even rushing my work during the weekend. I skip the learning part since it’s not going to works under this condition.

For the WordPress Plugin Development, I m on the last mile of it, it’s almost ready, yet I feel like something is lack of it. Once I decided how am I going to publish it, I will be launching it.


WebhookHQ continues tiny growth; the exciting part seems everyone uses it to log webhook only, no one using the more advanced features like filter and actions, maybe I need to do some content marketing.

While the WordPress Plugin development is almost ready, I start to clean up the IntegrateWP website, it’s going to be an interesting take, and I found one indie developer also trying to focus on this niche.

I am toying with the idea to resell managed WordPress web hosting service, maybe include Woocommerce based as well, but still brainstorm with the idea since there are so many things on my plate.


I have done some colour matching feature on TwillCMS, but it seems like not good enough,  so I try to use some image prediction service through Clarifai. What it does it will give you labels based on the images you upload; I selected labels with high relevant rating to compare to the rest of product images. So far, it works with some of the products with patterns or woodgrain surfaces. The next challenge is how to improve the solid colour surface.

I working on some integration with the Tickera, a WordPress Event plugin, the new request integration is not difficult, is just that got lots of details and need to avoid affected the current setup carefully. It’s going to live next week.

I have a site revamp & additional setup for two more Woocommerce websites, let’s hope can finish it before 1st week of June.