Since last month, I have stuck with lots of freelance work. I m going for a short trip end of this month, clearing all these freelance work has been the first things for the past two weeks. I have made a wise decision to stop the product work this month, and it seems like the right decision to do it.

Since I pause my habits to ship code daily this month, I haven't work on anything on products.

Project A continue to be my primary focus, lots of change request and lots of work have to redo, without a proper project manager, things don't go smoothly. Hopefully, the site can get launch before I go travel.

Project O has been successfully launched and run in production; it gets some good feedback during the events. I will be talking to the clients and review it after coming back from the trip.

Project S is a new project do working on Queue management system for a Sales event. I build a no-code version with the help of Glideapp, going to talk more about this new tools and share my template on the coming days.

Project R is landing page work. I use my usual WordPress + Elementor combo with my in house plugin that pushes the submission to Google Sheet.

Project C is a configuration work; I set up Google Tag Manager and use it to deploy all sort of tracking and build a custom dashboard in Google Analytics for the user to check.

Project M is a WordPress job; I have to build a search and content filter with the WordPress Rest endpoint.

One of the significant deal has confirmed, I think I have hit my sales goal this year. With two new customers this year, it brings me additional revenue and hit my target early. My new recruit is coming next month; I need to start focus internally then chasing the new lead.

Google Tag Manager is exciting; I didn't know I can do so much with it, thanks for this client enquiry, it helps me to learn how to utilize this tool.

It's really a freelance work month, and hopefully, I can really relax during the trip and put these work aside.